V5 Commerical Panel


V5 Circle

When the V5 Circle is installed with a universal silent tripod, the display screen can be rotated 90° clockwise. When the display screen is rotated, the screen content is automatically adjusted for horizontal and vertical screen display.When designing and drawing, simply draw on the whiteboard and you can think of a variety of creative patterns and choose at will. Simple lines can also be recognized as regular graphics, easy to use.On this borderless “canvas” of wisdom, you can zoom, roam, and erase the content at will. It can support up to 10 finger writing, and multi-person creation can be “domain” at will.


V5 Dual-Screen

Dual screens are integrated, built-in remote conference software, with a simple and easy-to-use interactive design, to quickly open remote conferences, one screen displays ultra-clear video conferences, one screen displays presentation documents, supports remote writing interaction, real-time synchronization of information, and allows remote meetings The team chats naturally as if they are in the same room, and discussion and decision-making are more efficient.Mobile phones and computers can transmit screens wirelessly, support dual-screen simultaneous display, dual-screen different display, to meet more content display needs, suitable for large and medium-sized meeting rooms.Through...


V5 Classic

Upgrade the camera to 1200W and support HDR, which can be automatically adjusted according to the lighting in the meeting room, bringing an immersive video conferencing experience.It has changed the way of writing on whiteboards in corporate meetings, using high-precision infrared touch technology, low writing height, and bringing a smooth and smooth writing experience; support 20-point touch, multi-person co-creation, and creativity at a touch.


V5 Modern

Smart face tracking gives you rich visual angles, breaks the constraints of time and space, and sees the confident expression of the speaker clearly.You can open the brainstorming mode on the whiteboard and directly enter your ideas, or you can write on your mobile phone by scanning the code, you can immediately collect everyone's ideas and realize multi-person collaborative creation.Personal computers, mobile phones, and tablets can quickly and wirelessly project 4K images and audio to the MAXHUB conference tablet. It also supports direct touch to turn pages and comments on the conference tablet, no need to go to and from the seat, and presentation interaction is more flexible. It supports...


V5 Ultra-Tech

MAXHUB V5 is approved by Guangzhou Cepa certification center and is further upgraded which the camera is higher definition with an automatic overturn function when starting a video conference. Matching with the wireless screen sharing and annotation function, it offers an unique experiecnce to the users.AI sound source positioning, keep the speaker in C position. 6 array microphones bring high-fidelity sound quality, 8 meters long distance pickup, accurate sound can be expressed in every corner of the meeting room. In the remote conference mode, the sound source is located and the human voice is automatically amplified. The speaker is far away, but he can hear it really.It has a higher...


V5 Deluxe

AI lift camera to protect privacy and security. The ultra-clear 3200W camera, the delicate picture is delivered real, the light and dark environment is clear as one, and the Vientiane is panoramic. The camera automatically rises during a remote meeting, presenting an ultra-wide vision, and is automatically hidden when not in use, without fear of privacy leaks, making negotiations easier.Double encryption is the best choice for private meetings. In order to bring a more secure user experience, we have introduced fingerprint recognition and unlocking functions, and used commercial encryption algorithms to double-protect wireless screen transmission, identity authentication and other links to...