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"SKYTUBE" is our newly launched green and eco-friendly LED tube brand focusing on ESG concepts. It is specifically designed for lot lighting. Reducing energy waste, improving energy efficiency, and promoting sustainability.


It can save users up to 70% on electricity bills, effectively addressing the current high operating costs. Additionally, it can be equipped with a real-time electricity monitoring platform, providing clear visibility of power consumption and usage status.


The LED tube is equipped with a built-in 5.8GHz microwave sensor. It automatically dims when no one is present and adjusts brightness when the area is occupied. Compared to regular LED tubes, it saves 70% of electricity.


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AIoT Tube Light: SigMesh + Microwave Application


1. Built-in 5.8GHz ISM microwave sensor:

The sensing distance and delay can be adjusted flexibly according to requirements.

Control brightness, schedule switches, and     manage specific areas through phone settings.


2. Utilizing SigMesh technology, the tubes can communicate with each other, creating different lighting scenes based on the current needs.


3. In case of tube damage, instant notifications are sent to maintenance personnel for prompt replacement.


4. By integrating IoT sensors such as water leakage or air quality sensors, the management efficiency for handling contingencies is enhanced.


5. Additionally, the AIoT platform allows for real-time monitoring of electricity usage, reducing energy wastage and electricity costs.


6. SKYTUBE can be directly replaced with existing LED tubes, making installation convenient.


7. There is no need to modify the existing LED tube circuitry.


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