SkyTech-AIoT Platform


What is AIoT?

The Internet of Thing is an extensive term that can be utilized to depict any item associated with the Web. The term IoT has usually referred to the items that can "talk" to one another. A network of IoT devices that communicate and react with other sensors. These gadgets incorporate smart sensors, monitoring sensors, AI algorithms and that can monitor, screen, and control specific parts.

"AIoT" means "AI + IoT", which is the integration of artificial intelligence technology and the Internet of Things in practical applications. The real-time business perception and control capabilities provided by the Internet of Things combined with the intelligent service capabilities provided by artificial intelligence provide new opportunities for many industries business scene.

For example, weather information can be gathered from numerous sensors, which would be able to be utilized to oversee indoor temperature in a building, adjust an air-conditioner automatically, and reduce emissions, and save cost.


How IoT solve problem and make our city smarter

Since the concept of smart cities first appeared, IoT technology has been the main topic of smart cities. When this technology develops and more areas adopt connectivity, AIoT technology will continue to develop and have a greater impact on our lifestyles.


Improve user experience

In the new era, users are putting higher and higher demands on the area experience. Provide all-around comfort and convenience experience by integrating Sky-Tech's powerful products ecosystem and linking terminal devices with scenarios.

Provide a one-stop mobile phone control solution for your facility, such as
• Temperature monitoring and HVAC control
• Light switch, dimming
• Projector, TV control
• Electric curtain control
• Automatic control with sensor
• Environmental sensor
• Scene setting


Save energy consumption

Integrate device effectiveness with building occupancy to improve area use efficiency and reduce energy consumption and reduce operational and maintenance costs.

Displayed in a Dashboard
• Graphical data on overall energy consumption
• Energy-saving and carbon emission data
• Energy efficiency data analysis


Multi-dimensional protection

Help reduce security risks, improve response efficiency, and enhance building security from three dimensions: protection, detection, and planning.

• Operating data of core devices
• Foot traffic analysis
• Security alert data