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AloT Smart Film

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The smart film curtain uses a kind of fabric different from existing curtains. It is a kind of high-tech fabric made from flexible film through high-efficiency light induction and nano-material in-membrane lamination technology.

It designed to be retrofitted into an existing space for an instant upgrade ,the smart films work just like laminated smart glass, instantly switching from opaque to transparent for dynamic light control. It is installed by trained film installers onto existing windows and glass partitions.

1.Shading and heat insulation: Block sunlight, reduce sunlight exposure, and reduce energy consumption of air conditioner.
2.Blocking radiation: Block 99% of UV and more than 82% of infrared radiation, reducing the sun's damage to the skin.
3.Clear vision: Maintain a certain light transmittance without affecting the field of view.
4.Smart control: Controlled by remote control or other smart methods.
5.Flame retardant: In line with UL94 V-0 flame retardant rating.
6.Healthy and green: Use green materials, which have no harm on human health.
7.Dust-proof and dirt-resistant: Flat and smooth surface prevents dust adsorption and ensures easy cleaning.
8. Applicable to all kinds of offices, shopping malls, buildings, clubs, government agencies, banks, hotels and schools, etc.