V5 Ultra-Tech


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MAXHUB V5 is approved by Guangzhou Cepa certification center and is further upgraded which the camera is higher definition with an automatic overturn function when starting a video conference. Matching with the wireless screen sharing and annotation function, it offers an unique experiecnce to the users.

AI sound source positioning, keep the speaker in C position. 6 array microphones bring high-fidelity sound quality, 8 meters long distance pickup, accurate sound can be expressed in every corner of the meeting room. In the remote conference mode, the sound source is located and the human voice is automatically amplified. The speaker is far away, but he can hear it really.

It has a higher screen-to-body ratio and a thinner body. Adopt full-fit technology to reduce the parallax caused by light refraction and restore the vivid "view" world. With super-smooth anti-glare glass, the picture is exquisite and delicate, and the bright screen instantly brings an immersive visual experience.