Education Interactive Panel


Education Panel

Inspired by the real classroom scenes, MAXHUB Whitebaord is born for better immersive learning experience.whiteboard that recognises the hand drawing and offers a wide range of illustration options.


Smart Blackboard

Witness the marriage of aesthetics and function with the B8610 Smart Blackboard, the ultimate design masterpiece for an optimal educational experience. Combining unparalleled visual appeal with integrated writing capabilities and next-generation eye-care technology, this classroom innovation redefines modern teaching and learning. Equipped with a built-in camera, microphone, and all-in-one functionality, the B8610 Smart Blackboard takes learning to new heights while being easy on the eyes. Perfect for multimedia presentations, interactive lesson plans, or collaborative learning activities, the B8610 Smart Blackboard is the all-in-one solution that raises the bar in every aspect.